BuildPro Ecomm Mud Army

The start of 2022 took an unfortunate turn for the town of Maryborough when they were devastated by a severe flood. Water enveloped the town with 10 metres of water, submerging people's homes and causing irreparable damage.

When the sister company of AJ Grant GroupBuildPro Ecomm heard the news, our team wanted to lend a hand to the residents of Maryborough. Grabbing their tools, equipment, and a general heart to help, the BuildPro Ecomm Mud Army started the tidy up, removing the damaged pieces of furniture, broken trees as well as any other personal belongings that were affected during the flood.

We would like to say a big thank you to the BuildPro Ecomm team who jumped at the opportunity to assist the residents of the Maryborough community in the wake of the floods.

Chris Jarrett- Executive General Manager BuildPro Ecomm
Craig Johnson – Carpenter
Steven Schwenke – Assessor / Estimator
Matt Stapylton – Internal Trades Manager
Debbie Stapylton – Facilities /Cleaner
Joran Duncan – Tiling Trade Head
Ben Howard – Landscaper
Chris Bugden- Warehouse Manager
Joel Powell – Handyman
Jackson Stapylton – Repair Coordinator

Customer Testimonials

We have received some much appreciated positive feedback from the residents we were able to help in Maryborough. They couldn’t be more grateful for the kindness Our Mud Army team have displayed.

“No amount of words of appreciation to give to everyone for everything they have done. We expected things to take weeks to be done and we came home, and they were done in a matter of hours.”

“Thank you very much for the help that everyone has given to the community of Maryborough. It’s very hard for what we are going through at the moment, and to have you guys just pop up and ask if we needed any help! We would love to say thank you very much, and I would say that’s on behalf of the Maryborough community. Thank you everyone”

“OMG got to the house today & thought where do we start? Then in walk this awesome group of people and say, we are here to help. Thanks to them underneath the house is totally cleaned out. A huge thank you to BuildPro Ecomm.”

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When the unexpected happens we are there, right across Australia, helping to give peace of mind that we are in this together from emergency response to the complete rebuild of people’s homes and lives.